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Lost and Confused


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I'm new to being a little and I'm married to a wonderful man who doesn't understand age regression. I want him to be my daddy/caretaker but he doesn't know why I want him to. It's just that I've never felt safe enough in my surroundings to fully regress so I don't know the full extent to what I need from him. I have anxiety so it's not that I'm not safe it's that it's hard for me to let go unless I know I won't be left feeling bad for needing to regress and putting more stress on him. The same applies to him not being my CG, how do I regress and not make him uncomfortable seeing me like that? How can I explain why I need it without making him feel guilty for not being enough for me not to need it? Are there good resources in hard print? Or tips for dealing with someone who is trying to understand but not quite getting it? Or how I can better explain myself? I'm not really good at putting thoughts into words.
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I'm bit confused over your post, so maybe this is not at all what you meant but:


Can't you regress just by yourself? Then no stress about him seeing you in some way, how he feels etcetc..... Just make your surroundings safe for you, maybe so that you know you are alone for few hours.


If he is not into this stuff or doesn't get it, it's better to explore just by yourself ( sort of safer as you don't need to worry about others, just think about yourself ). Littles anyhow don't NEED a daddy. Daddy just can make things maybe more fun or so but is not some necessary 'item' you have to have.


Then again, if you really want to explore this stuff WITH him, you just need to talk to him how it is important to you, maybe you see it as possible coping mechanism, it sounds maybe bit weird but worth of a try.... All you need is honest communication and telling WHY you want to try this stuff and then really listen how he feels about it. Also maybe give little time for him to think about it. Also if you say "I'm scared that you get uncomfortable if I xxx", I'm sure he is a lot more accepting and supporting: just talk about how you feel.


Other than that, I unfortunatly can't help you much as I don't really regress like some littles but I'm sure there is many posts about the topic here about it still :)

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