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    Types of Littles

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    Adult Baby

    (The baby)


    An adult baby usually has the little age of 0 – 3. It is undoubtedly the youngest age regression there is. Typically, an adult baby goes hand in hand with ABDL*, even though you don’t have to be an adult baby to be a diaper lover or vice versa. It is standard for people with interest in ABDL to also express an interest in DDlg*, even if some individuals are solely interested in ABDL they are wholeheartedly accepted here.
    Here are some helpful links for Adult babies and ABDL.


    |Age play 101 (0 – 4)|          |How to bring up diapers to your daddy|          |Where to buy diapers|          |Common questions about pacifiers|   


    |Crib ideas|          |Baby bottles|





    (The sweetheart)


    A babygirl/boy is an adult young at heart, they are emotionally sensitive and enjoy childlike activities. They don’t necessarily identify with a certain age, but they identify as or role play as an adolescent girl. They seek a parental and/or nurturing figure in a relationship, think more daddy than dom. They don’t typically participate in power exchange relationships on a BDSM level or rely on Rules & Punishments the same as other types do.


    Here are some helpful links for babygirl/Babyboy dynamics.


    |Littles who don’t have rules|          |Praise vs Punishment|          |Littles vs Babygirls|          |Not so dominant daddy|





    (The untame)


    A brat can be submissive and non-submissive. Some like disobeying to be tamed or enjoy mild to extreme punishments; to fulfil their masochistic tendencies. It is possible to possess bratty characteristics without fully identifying as a brat; sometimes other little types can use tantrums or act up for release in the form of punishments. Brats purposely rile up their caregivers for a possible reaction/attention. Some don’t want to submit or be punished; they want to get their own way. A brat can be any age range.


    Here are some helpful links about Brats


    |Brats|          |Bratting vs. Plain Bad Behaviour|          |Brat tamers|          |Too bratty?|







    Little is a broad term for a wide age range or someone who has a fluctuating age, like 3 – 5 or 7 – 10. Or even 2 – 9. It also covers littles who do not identify with an age. No little is the same which is why there are no specific guidelines or established rules to be a little. The one thing littles share in common is their childlike personalities, which are varied from person to person.


    Here are some helpful links about Littles.


    |Ageplay 101 (4 - 10)|          |Being in littlespace|          |Defining littlespace|          

    |How did you discover you were a little?|          |No little age|          |Definition of being a little





    (The older kid)


    A middle a general term of an older little. There is no specific age where being a middle starts. You can be 8 and still identify as a middle, yet it is equally common to be in the double digits. It is also common for middles to identify as a tween/teenager. They are generally more independent than a little and typically have ‘older kid’ interests.

    • A Nymphet is a middle who is bratty, flirtatious and sexually forward.


    Here are some helpful links about Middles.


    |Middle space|          |What is a middle?|          |Middles, what do you like to do for fun?|          

    |The difference between a little and a middle|          |Middles: How/When did you know you were a middle?|          

    |What makes a middle a middle?|





    (The playful)


    This is a broad term. It can include kittens, bunnies, wolves, puppies, foxes and many more. They enjoy being played with and petted, they like being taken care of and tend to get ‘collared’ in a serious relationship. Think of paws, collars, cute ears, tags, toys and tails!

    • Kittens are a more popular pet in DDlg.
    • Imps are similar to pets but their mischievous bratty ways define them.

    Here are some helpful links about Pets


    |Petplay: Information|          |Unpopular types of pets|          |How DDlg links with petplay|          

    |How to Kitten play|          |How to make collars|          |Imp: Information|





    (Best of both worlds)


    A switch is someone who identifies as both a little and a caregiver. They can be dominant and submissive, or a happy medium. Every switch is different just like littles and caregivers, how often one goes into caregiver or little mode is dependent on the individual. Some switches can feel more CG or little depending on their partner.


    Here are some helpful links about Switches


    |Switch and little relationships|          |Advice on switch|          |Switch couple|          |To switch or not?|




    Submissive Littles

    (The obeying)


    A submissive is a broad term for anyone that enjoys being dominated. Submissive littles naturally tend to like being taken care of while being told what to wear, eat, do. Rules are ordinarily seen in these types of relationships. Submissives can also be obedient or mischievous; it ultimately depends on the individual.

    • The gift of submission is earned by respect and not merely given.


    Here are some helpful links on Submissive Littles.


    |How to be submissive on a date|          |Little VS Sub: What's the difference?|          

    |The ever-varying philosophies of dominance and submission|          |What do littles like about being little?|          |Sub Frenzy|          |Rituals|          |A starting point for rules, rewards and Punishments|




    Dominant Littles

    (The Princess)


    A dominant little is a little who ‘calls the shots’ in a DDlg relationship. They like to be taken care of and require the same amount of nurturing and love as any other little. These types typically tend to take better control over the relationship by being self-assertive. However, their levels in dominance are dependent on the individual as they could be strictly sexually dominant or dominant in the relationship and submissive in the bedroom.


    There isn’t much on dominant littles. If you find any useful topics on this, please feel free to message me and I will add it below.





    You may find that you won’t fit neatly into a box and may even be a mix of 2 or more types. It could depend on your personality, mood, situation or even your partner! You may even find that you are none of these at all. Which is okay, each and everyone one of us is our ‘own little’, even Littles that have been in the lifestyle for years are still finding new things about ourselves.



    This could not have been possible without Spooky’s original ‘Types of Littles’ post and of course, a massive thank you to the members who have contributed over the years.


    If you find a broken link or would like to add anything, don't hesitate to contact me ^.^

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