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 hi! im a little, and my daddy said that ddlg forums like these were a good way to learn more about the community and make friendss

 i've been interested in the community for awhile but have only recently been able to find someone to try it out with


about me! 

I like flowersrrsss (thats super important) and video gamesss. my favorite games are portal 2, overwatch and assassins creed. 


i hope to make friends and learn moree!  :heart:  :heart:

have a nice day :cthulhu:




(someone should also pm me to teach me how to attach gifs to my signature)

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Welcome to the forum! I hope you like it here. There are plenty of littles and Bigs that enjoy your hobbies. Hope you makes lotsa friends!


Btw, whats your favorite flower?

i absolutely adore daisies, they are my favourite flower

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