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Looking for a Daddy but also someone to help?


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I uh... I’m not really sure what to put here...

On here I will go by Lou, but that’s not my real name, and I am 18. I don’t really understand the whole DDlg... From what I read, I do like most of it. But I also read that Daddy’s like to put their littles in dippers and pull-ups and drink from a bottle, and I don’t really like that... I think what I’m really looking for is someone to help take thinks slow and explain DDlg as we experience it.

I also don’t want to do anything sexual until marriage, does this mean I can’t be in DDlg?

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Guest h o n e y

DDlg doesn't have to be sexual at all! Many littles and caregivers are completely non-sexual. And you don't have to do anything that you don't like, just pick and choose what you're interested in! There's no right or wrong way to be a little and it doesn't make you any less a little just cause you don't like some aspects of it! Good luck!

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