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Stuck between headspaces?


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This is probably horrible advice as I don't have really proper littlespace myself but:

I just keep living as I am. Sometimes it means that I'm overly serious adult, sometimes that I'm silly kid like person. I'm not embarrased over my personality and people do accept me as I am -mainly.


Of course sometimes I would have the childish "pouty moment" but I allow that to myself and then gather mysef and carry on fixing the situation and not just dwell in it. Even a child can do proper decisions imo.

And like yesterday instead of giving professional investment plan and outline over why I need some expensive device at work, I went to my boss with "it's cuuuute, we NEED to adopt it, think how it is all alone in some cold warehouse :(". Hasn't ruined my life yet, more the opposite as people think I have personality. ( He said yes btw <3 )

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