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"Will you be my Daddy?" she asked

Guest cyb

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I didn't know what that meant.  I always had this negative association with the concept of my lovers calling me "daddy", especially during sex; why would a woman want to associate their sexual partner with their actual father??


But I didn't deny her outright.  I asked what exactly that meant to her.  She had already shown me a lot of signs and signals that I now recognize as being part of her little side.  She would ask me to tell her a story about a princess.  She would ask me to comb her hair.  She would ask me to go on an expedition at any hour to go find a stuffed animal when she didn't have one.   This is part of it she explained, but the root of wanting a "Daddy" is that she wants to feel protected and taken care of.  So I tried, without really taking it seriously.  I would brush her hair a few times, and reluctantly tuck her in to bed at night, and watch a couple of animated movies and cartoons with her, but only on occasion, and only when she specifically asked.


She grew restless, and I didn't understand what was going on.  She sought attention elsewhere and eventually called the relationship quits.  


After so much deliberation, we are ready to get back together, and she has told me in very plain language that "I want you to be my Daddy."


I understand now that the dynamic is not superficial and it's something I will actively have to work at.  It's not just a title, and it's certainly not a game.  I'm doing homework now, and before we set off again as a couple, I know now that we need to sit down and take an inventory of what the expectations are, and what the first steps look like.


I AM SO EXCITED after reading this forum.  I am already a caretaker and a healer, but I really didn't understand the possibilities with this dynamic.  I had already been calling her "little one" and "baby girl" before I knew anything about this.  She is so precious to me.


Anyway, my name is Chris, and I'm excited to start down this path and very grateful for all the useful posts and resources here.

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