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I'm lowkey gonna just steal this from my bio because I'm WAYYYY too lazy to retype it all 

My name is Harper
I'm demisexual (this means we actually have to have an emotional connection for me to have any sort of interest in you)
I'm nonbinary and pansexual and I like anime, manga, horror movies. I like conspiracy theories and discussing them/ In little space I like Disney and Sanrio. I have trust issues so I'm not telling ya'll where I live until I get to know you well (no offense, not tryna get snatched)
I'm shy and very socially awkward so I most likely won't message you first.
Not having pics on here for a while because I don't really know what this site is, but my insta is kawaiibrattybaby so if you wanna know what I look like follow me on there (yes I know, shameless self plug)


I smoke medical marijuana so if that bothers you then you can skirt on outta here. 


If you wanna know more, don't be afraid to reach out. I probably won't message first because I'm a shy bab. 


I tried attaching photos of myself but if you wanna see what I look like, stalk my instagram. The sizing on here is WAYYY too confusing. 

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