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hello! to keep my identity more hidden, you can call me lil, bun, or lily since I don't want to share my real name...I am an 18 year old female or is relatively new still to ddlg. I have been poking at it for a few months now, trying to figure out if it truly is what I am, and only recently have I fully accepted and started to understand that I am a little. I believe my little age is anywhere from 3-6, I am unsure myself! I am still learning new things everyday and with my new caregiver, we are exploring and learning together! I don't know anyone personally who is a little so I was hoping I could make new friends on here. 

I live in the very cold state Alaska, where I speak English. I love kpop the most, I love my stuffies, blankies, cuddling, movies, coloring, and going to the playground too! I am shy in person but online I tend to be really friendly and outgoing so don't be scared to message me! I do type in lowercase very very often so I am sorry if that bothers you. it is very nice introducing myself to you all and I hope I am make new friends and learn fully about myself in the process! :D 

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