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Hi there ...


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Greetings :)


I have a babygirl side, and a "middle" side I guess ... the 12 year-old girl inside of me, shy, angry, scared, bitchy, and very loving and sweet. It doesn't take much to embarrass the heck out of this side of me. I am a writer by trade and predilection, and yet even writing a few words about it is really hard for me. 


I love books, stories, unicorns ... calm people ... dancing, karaoke, cats, dogs, and horses.


My favorite books are Narnia, Jane Austen and Jane Eyre. My favorite songs of all time are Scarborough Fair (Simon and Garfunkel) and You Are the Everything (REM).


I have lived and traveled around the world, and some of my favorite places are England, Luang Prabang (in Lao), and the Smoky Mountains. I recently spent two weeks in Alaska and the Olympic National Forest and my time there brought me a deep sense of peace and stability. 


I would like to start learning to play the piano again. 


Not sure what else to write ... I look forward to learning more about myself and others and their own journeys. 



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