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Howdy Ladies and Gents!


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Hi everyone! I'm J and I have been on the site for a few days now and I guess I have decided to plant some roots. I have been interested in the DD/lg dynamic for a long time now and I have realized it is something that I would like to share with someone else.


I am currently a graduate student studying veterinary medicine and it is my passion in life to work with animals. I always wanted to be the voice for the voiceless and help those who did not have the means to help themselves. I was raised to give and not ask for anything in return and over time I feel that is what sculpted my caregiving side. 


Back when I started college my girlfriend and I began a caregiver/ little style relationship which in hindsight was a DD/lg relationship. She would like to have little days where she could watch movies and lounge around in her favorite shirt with her razorback paci. I would cook and make coloring sheets for her and it was just a way for us to unwind. We did involve some ABDL activities into our relationship as well and that was were our original interest started. We slowly realized that there was more to try out there and she found her age to be around 3-6. 


We had our falling out and since then I have not really found anyone else to share that type of experience with. Even though it has been awhile I have learned some of the things that make a good daddy and I try to use them not only in my romantic life, but also my everyday life. So here is what I think a daddy is and should be. 


  1. A daddy should make decisions that not only make his little one happy, but are in the best interest for her too.
  2. The most important ties that hold a relationship together are;communication, strength, understanding, trust, and the feeling of safety.  (I know there are others, but these are my important ones, and yes communication is the most important)
  3. A daddy is patient. Trust is not something you are given. It is something you earn. It will take time for you and your little to gain the trust of each other, but it will bring both of you so much closer together. 
  4. A daddy knows how to make rules and enforce them. You may talk the talk, but do you walk the walk. Your little may act up from time to time and its important for her to know the difference between whats cute and whats not acceptable. ( but don't be a drill sergeant either, this is all in good fun)
  5. A daddy respects when his little has to be an adult too. He will not undermine her when she is doing her adult activities. He is able to separate little from adult, but maintains his composure as a loving daddy figure. 
  6. Finally and optionally ( this is my own thing because I know there are some polys out there and thats your thing) A daddy will only have eyes for his little one. If this is the woman that he has chosen to take care of then he should do just that. I was raised very traditionally and we believed that one man and one woman made a relationship. ( very traditional southern belief, no offense to any mommy/ lg or daddy/lb). Adding more people to this equation would seem to just muck up the whole thing. 

Sorry if this is a long rambling, but I thought is was time to say something. Thank you all for reading and I hope to get to know this group very well. 


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You win the award for "longest introduction". :p

Is that a challenge?


Welcome to the forum, J. I've seen you around, glad to see you're so passionate about what you want.

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