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Brand new little here


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Hi, I'm completely new at this. I'm Erica..a few months ago, I discovered that I may be a little. I was looking for a good read on Wattpad and came along ddlg books. At first I thought it was weird but then I started to kinda like it and even want it. I already have a boyfriend, we've been together for a year. I was really nervous, but I told him about ddlg and everything. He said that he could see a lot of the qualities or characteristics of a little in me. I think so too, but I'm not sure how to go about going into little space. I'm not sure what my little age is or if I'm really a little. I'm 19 years old, I like coloring, occassionally doodling, I'm super clingy, I love cuddling and forehead kisses and head rubs/pats. Sippy cups kinda sound appealing..maybe even a paci.I'm not sure how I feel about Disney movies yet. I'm not really comfortable even trying to go into that headspace with my bf...he tries to I guess be a daddy, but it doesn't really come naturally. Like he gets the dominant part..the punishments,etc. But he doesn't seem to understand the daddy part...I want him to cut my food up and maybe even feed me and to compliment the pictures I color,and tell me it's nap/bedtime, etc. I just need some advice on getting into little space, finding out who my little self is, explaining it better to my bf,etc. Any advice is welcome, sorry this was all over the place and not really an introduction.
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hi Erica! im new to little space too! you sound like a little to me- liking disney movies isn't a necessary quality haha, it's all about enjoying the head space! im not an expert of course but i would recommend trying to get into little space by yourself first, to see if it is something you like to do and want to continue. there are a lot of great threads of advice around here on how to do that by yourself! it's good your bf is trying and accepting even if he's having trouble with the nurturing part (yet). i don't have any advice for that unfortunately since i haven't had a similar experience. but there are advice panels around here for that too! please feel free to talk to me more if you like! 

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