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Hello. Happy Christmas! I’m Levi and I’m a little.


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Merry Christmas! I’m Levi and I’m a little! Generally I’m a shy boy but I’ll try to make my introduction informative. I love anime and cosplay. I’ve been to several anime and comic cons. My last cosplay was Link from the The Legend Of Zelda games! My next cosplay I want to cosplay as King from the anime The Seven Deadly Sins. I’m a private person and I dislike social media but I’m a open book if I feel someone is trustworthy. Ice cream is my favorite food! I have a sweet tooth! My second favorite food is pizza. I think pasta is my third favorite food. I’m single and have been single for a year because I’ve been working on myself in that time. I am 23. I live in the USA. My favorite animal is a cat or dog but I love dinosaurs especially if they are cartoon. I’m disabled but I’ve gotten good at functioning relatively well. My disabilities are neurodevelopmental. My favorite color is turquoise. That’s all of the information I can think of right now to share. Have a happy Christmas!
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