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Fit, strict, sapiosexual Daddy seeks interaction and more


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Hello All,


Thank you for stopping by to read my introduction. My name is Ben, my friends call me Big Ben due to my height, I am 6'3.


I am a mature Daddy Dom living in the USA close to the Canadian border. Though I am fairly new to the world of DDLG, I am quite well versed in the alternative lifestyle.


I am fit and live a healthy lifestyle, I love the outdoors and keep myself active. I am motivated, sucessful and and semi-retired. I do consulting and private coaching for athletes now. I love structure, guidelines and rules. I love to help others set goals and achieve them. I can be a bit of a strict disciplinarian so be forwarned. If reward and punishment arent for you, then I am not sure we would be a match.


I on here looking to meet new people and find out more about the lifestyle. I would love to know how you found your way here and inturn find out more about who I am. I have known from an early age I was wired a little different and I am okay with that. I am hoping to find a mature little girl or middle who is also little different from the norm and see if we click.


I am looking ideally for a middle or mature little. Someone who is intouch with her younger innocent side. I am not into babygirls or anyone that has a very young little side( ergo: some one who is into diapers and baby talk or resonates with the age of 10 or below) I miss the interaction I had with my girls, the movies, icecream days, reading, board games and occassionally shopping. I like being a Daddy and want to have that in my life but with one special girl.


I am also welcome to meeting new friends as well and always enjoy conversation, if you dont meet the criteria and still want to chat, feel free to send me a message.



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