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    ✿❀ little from southwest london ❀✿

    little uk uk little puppy england greater london inexperienced london

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    #1 ropepet



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    Posted 01 January 2019 - 12:40 PM

    ~ ❀ ✿ ❀ ~

    Age (Required): 20
    Little Age: Fluctuating/Unsure
    Name: Puppy (for now)
    Role: Little/Middle/Pet, and aspiring Submissive
    Location: Southeast England/Southwest London
    Sexual Orientation: Bisexual (including MtF and FtM), attracted to Dominance
    Looking for: Dominant, Caregiver, Friend, Mentor, “Whatever happens”, age 20-40
    Relationship preference: Mono/Flexible?
    Number of partners I have: 0

    Hiya, I'm Puppy, and this my super long ad! I'm very familiar with being a Little. I, however, don't have much experience with the ddlg dynamic but it's something that's always interested me. As I'm only 20, I haven't had much opportunity for kink and power dynamics in my relationships. I'm naturally very timid and anxious but I really do open up after getting to know a person, and I promise to make the best darn effort to talk to you if you decide to contact me.

    My interests include a range of things including anime, music, watching cartoons, drawing, colouring, crocheting, going on picnics and being a wiggly worm. I'm very into androgynous/grunge style clothing when out of little space – I like to be comfy but badass – and in little/sub/pet space I like anything cute, girly or sexy (cute undies and socks ftw!).

    I believe that DDLG relationships should go both ways, where both/all participants are getting the care, love and attention they need. I love the romantic and platonic side of this dynamic but am inexperienced with the sexual side and interested in being eased into it (please note: the word “eased”). I'm not looking for a purely sexual partner, or anyone who wants to jump right into all the sexy stuff. I want to find someone who can ease me into it, whether that be just a friend, an experienced Dominant or a person that is also learning their role. It's not a set in stone preference, but I would like to find someone who lives fairly near London, as I would love to be able to have days out together, even if it's super occasionally.

    Here I'm just talking briefly about some things that catch my interest kink-wise – so you can get an idea of what I like in terms of compatibility. These aren't the only things I'm into but it's what I'm into comfortably. It might be worth adding that I would try anything twice, even if I thought I wouldn't like it (so long as it stats within my limits/is pre-discussed). Also, I would love to be taught/trained on things that I have little or no experience in.

    Daddy/Caregiver and little
    The role of little comes naturally to me and I'm a teeny bit experienced in this dynamic – both IRL and LDR. I like routine, praise, and to be given guidance and structure. This dynamic is my favourite because it's where I feel the safest. I like being needy and making Caregivers feel needed and listening to them. I'm very good at following instructions. I don't have a prominent little age but I'm much more playful, innocent and cuddly in my little space. I have knowingly been a little for 2 years now and I know how to be little without a partner.

    Why is it so hard to find cute fluffy puppy ears? I'm still curious and learning this part of me but I enjoy playing the role of a puppy or kitten (not so much leather play but I enjoy looking at leather pets!). This is where my plethora of dress up kitty ears come in handy – I mix my little side with my pet side as it seems to fit well for me; being a good pet is something I wanna take pride in. I would really like to be collared, and collar charms are the cutest! I think this kind of play and headspace emphasises my playful, cheeky and obedient side, which is often hard for me to express altogether.

    I’ve dabbled in self-tying a little bit and have always been interested in ropeplay for aesthetic and restraining purposes. I haven’t learnt all the do’s and don’ts so I won’t practice without someone with me and that’s not always possible when I’m in the mood to try. I have no experience other than the times I have practiced on myself but would be interested in being a ropepuppy (like a ropebunny but for my petspace *blush*) for anyone who wants to practice, explore or just tie me up for the sake of it! I like it as a form of art, I’d even love to be taught by a rigger as well as just being tied. Rope is pretty!

    Tying into the role of being a little, submissive and pet; I aspire to be a good baby and listen when I haven't yet gotten permission to use the potty. I don't think I have an interest with pee in general but I like the feeling of vulnerability, helplessness and desperation when I really have to let go but I can't or am told not to. I also have a habit of only going to the toilet when I absolutely need to because I'm silly or I just forget. Oopsies!

    Oral (receiving)
    What can I say..I like getting licked out ✧* It's one of those things I'm too shy about admitting or asking for. But nevertheless, I really enjoy the feeling of kissing, sucking and licking on my little kitty. I'm very whiny and I do cry though(). I HAVE NO EXPERIENCE WITH GIVING.

    I've also been curious about ABF, and have been thinking about ways it could be introduced in a ddlg setting (could I still be little if I was nursing?) but it really is just curiosity at the moment, I think.

    Big hands
    I like hands in general! Mine are very small. I like the feeling of someone else's hands on me as I'm super sensitive to touching. My favourite places to feel hands on are my legs, bum, chest, neck and cheeks. But, run your hand through my hair and play with it and you'll have yourself a very clingy and happy baby.
    (Please note: Kink me is off limits until we know each other – I don't want to receive messages that are solely based on this section.)

    I would super-duper appreciate it if you read my whole personals ad before sending me a private message. If you send me a message, could I please ask if you could tell me what caught your interest in my ad or what made you want to message me. I would also like to know your name (or name you want to go by), age and where you live, along with any other information you think I should know. I probably won't reply to messages like "hi" or "how's it going" as most of the time those conversations never go anywhere...

    Even if you're just a caregiver looking for cool little friends (because I'm obviously the gosh darn coolest, like wow), I'm totally up for getting to know you and hanging out. Play dates are acceptable! Please ask!! I'm not just putting myself out here for a potential Daddy, I really wanna make friends as well so don't feel like there's any pressure or expectations.

    You can contact me on my new kik, just say you're from here, it's: ropepet, and feel free to add my (sort of NSFW-ish but super tame) DDLG themed Instagram _pawsies for real pics of me (no face, of course).

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    #2 Unrealistic95



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    Posted 11 February 2019 - 09:24 AM

    Hi ropepet
    Me and my little are looking for a little that’s Interested in a ddlg/poly relationship in the UK.
    Would you be interested?

    We are LF someone thats honest, loyal, caring, & most importantly be yourself.
    everything like age, looks ect dont wrry about those its what on the inside that counts.
    Clingy/bratty/submissive ect its all ok i encourage u to be yourself just dont be a naughty little :)
    i don't mind if u like paci/onesie/stuffies
    Im LF someone that’s sexual with her daddy & with her sister as my little is bi-curious.
    Pls be 420 friendly or at least open minded about it.

    What i can tell u about me
    Im married to a amazing little,
    Im not a talker really but i do talk when giving a subject or topic to talk about, I love animals, i love conspiracy theories, i tend to think outside the box a lot, im from an island called Aruba which might be interesting to some ppl, i love longbroarding/skating/bmx/bowling anything that has physical activity i’m up for it

    As a daddy
    im caring yet strict, i dont mind giving my little rules if she asked but if u prefer no rules i just ask for u to not be a naughty pls ^_^, I encourage my little to always be herself and never be afraid to talk to me about anything, i know i am married but both littles will still be held as equals, i do have experience with ddlg/poly relationship & i love spoiling my little

    I enjoy
    sketching/drawing/watching anime’s, swimming, basically every outdoor sports, gaming (xbox), adding reptiles to my reptile collection, eating a lot candy :b, i love cereal thats my breakfast lunch dinner lol

    About my little
    She’s a talker unlike me and she loves going on adventures, she’s from Miami, she loves astrology, she’s always ready for a challenge, she’s cares for others more then herself sometimes, tends to be clumsy a lot, she loves her new kitty, she doesn’t really have a little age, she loves paci onesie stuffies & she’s into pet play

    She enjoys
    To cook, eat, read books, colouring, sleeping, loves to cuddle, taking pictures, swimming, watching disney, horror movies, loves watching x-files.

    This is all i can think of right now srry if its not super informational but If there’s any questions ask ahead

    #3 Guest_charliethedaddyboy_*

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    Posted 22 March 2019 - 07:52 AM

    Hey Jaxie - I've PM'd you on Kik - I know we've spoken before but I would definitely like to get to know you! You sound rather adorable and it's good that you can outline exactly what your needs and wants are... If nothing else, a daddy is a vessel to make his little girl happy. X

    If you are no longer using Kik, I've added you on here so just send me a message :p x

    #4 EdLoydDDLG


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    Posted 22 March 2019 - 01:20 PM

    Age: Mid 30s
    Name: Edwar
    Sexual orientation: Heterosexual
    Dom style: Careful, strict, sexual
    Kinks: Tying up, Spanking, Choking, Rough sex, Denying orgasm, Petplay and more
    Turns on: Schoolgirl outfit, Kitten ears and tails, Being tease in innapropriate moments, Cosplay
    Turns off: Anal sex, diapers, humiliation, degradation, pee, scat, blood
    Personnality: Kind, gentle, good listener, playfull, funny
    Seeking for: Little subs between 18 and 30yo who have hangout, a working cam, playfull and kinky, who is open to sex
    Before you hit me: I want to take time to kniw before engaging in any kind of relationship. I am not into sex stuff all the time too.

    #5 ChubbyDaddy



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    Posted 23 March 2019 - 08:09 PM

    Hey I'm a daddy in the south west not far from bristol I'm looking for a little because my last little relationship ended a while ago and I want to find purpose again I want to find someone who will be my everything someone I can look after no matter what. I'm a loving generous daddy who only wants the best for his little I will do everything in my power to protect her. I will love her unconditionally and be willing to help them grow as a little

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