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Intro from a bratty middle

Guest RosetheBratt

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Guest RosetheBratt


I'm new to this forum and just made my account so thought I'd introduce myself.


I'm 20 and UK based but my middle age is around 14-16 I think.

I love nature, animals, being healthy, my family, netflix and movies and I want to see the world one day.


Relationship wise I am a bit of a brat and a middle, however sometimes I am also just adult me. I'm very clingy and needy and love attention and want to trust and rely on someone completely.

I'm also sometimes a bratt in which I do antagonise and push buttons, but this is only to get an assertive reaction and ultimately be punished as that's what bratts are after, if they resist it actually means "more please" haha.

So I'm a huge submissive and want someone who will love and cherish me and treat me like their everything but equally be firm and strict if I act up.


That's all for now. Feel free to send me requests but only if you're from UK and I won't accept anyone over 40. Xx

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You woke up one day, and you decided it was time to find a daddy, you went here and mailed almost all London profiles, and added me as a friend because you weren't sure yet.


This 20 middle/bratty girl, clingy and needy, would love to find someone to trust, give her love, attention and who she could rely on, but also when the brat side shows up, to be punished, submitted, and brought back to the strict rules of her partner.


You could be the one I'm after. Someone who can be an adult when needed, in an adult relationship, and wishes to dabble in DDLG a little bit more, under an atmosphere of BDSM.


I want to get to know that girl more, send something if you do too.

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