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I am a very new, ver pay recent Little and I would like to get to know some more littles like me. As far as I know I haven’t regressed into my little space but I hope I can experience it soon.


I just turned 22 on Jan 2nd and have never been on a forum before, I’m excited to see what goes on around here.


^_^ thanks

Tianna 2197

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Ahhh, HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! ♡ I'm a very new Little, too- I have only been embracing my Little side for a few weeks, and I've regressed twice ^-^ But I generally express my Little side through text, clothing, and a few Little things here and there (like colouring-in, doing my hair, etc.), but I don't usually fully regress unless I can feel free to (my mum is mostly around and I know that she won't understand it, ahah).

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