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New Daddy From South Africa


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Hi everyone. So glad to have found this forum as I see there are a few daddies and littles from South Africa here. My little and I decided to join this forum today and would just like to know how many others from SA are still active? We are struggling to find like minded friends as well as online stores for DDLG related items.
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Hi hi


Welcome to the both of you! Some of us are still active but rarely seem to interact, at one stage they wanted to organise a meetup but sadly that was before I joined.


As for your stores issue, I don't know of any based in SA but there are a few that ship here. Granted you'll have to wait ages for your order (could be up to months depending on the site and the way they ship). If you'd like I could give you a list of the ones I've found so far but it's not that many.

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Thanks for the response, sad to hear some aren't active anymore.

We dont mind importing so please send all the stores you know of!

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I'm pretty new to this so I only know of a few sadly but I'm happy to share those I know of.

Wish (cheap but takes ages and very popular)

DDLG Playground

Kawaii BDSM

WantItAll (the ABDL shop) haven't tried this one but seen it mentioned somewhere


Sorry I don't know many more, I'll add to the list as I find more though. Hope you guys find what you're looking for! Best of luck  :D

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Hello and welcome,


Hope you stick around. For ddlg/abdl specific stuff you are going to have to ship in...not much happening locally.

Loads of goodies internationally, Princess Reindeer mentioned a few - but a quick search and you will find PLENTY more.

If you don't mind waiting a bit, then you can pretty much get anything you want.


Take care

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