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Lost/Broken Items- What do you do?


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For Christmas, I received a Nintendo switch and Let's go pikachu- the only thing I really begged for. I met with someone to buy games (Facebook market place) And took my switch with my to test them out. Well, hello absent minded little how are you - I left it on my car and drove away. Came back when I realized it was gone and...well.. it was gone, gone. I let maybe 3 days pass by and I went and bought a new one - it was a ton of money but I'm hiding the loss well. I feel a little bad I lost it and kept it a secret (the gift was from family). Anyone ever lose or break anything expensive as heck and not be able to fess up? ;^;
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Im sure of you told your family they would understand. Everyone can be a  bit forgetful at times. Sometimes it can be a costly mistake. -_- At one point i forgot a really sentimental handmade necklace in  a public locker at the pool. I kept it hidden for a few weeks with the hopes i could come across it. I eventually told the friend that gave it to me what happened and how terrible and disappointed i felt for losing it. They were understanding and forgave me. Still feel sad about it to this day and that was 6 years ago. It was my favorite necklace ever! :unsure:

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