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I'm a little from the US, east coast, and I'm very much a newb to all of this, as is my Daddy. I took a human sexual behavior course last semester and towards the end of it we learned about BDSM and, with a little further research of my own, I discovered this subset of D/s and it really resonated with me. When I talked to my partner about this, he felt it really fit him too and now he's my Daddy. ^-^ I'm hoping by joining this forum to learn more about the aspects of being a little, littlespace, and some information for my Daddy too (although he's already the best Daddy ever!). I'm also trying to start a digital little/littlespace journal so I'd love to figure out more pages and topics I could put in there.


Big me is 21 and a senior in college. I spend my free time mostly training Brazilian jiu jitsu (BJJ), playing video games (Sims, Fallout 4, Pokemon, etc.), and reading.


For little me, I'm not exactly sure an age, but it feels like somewhere between 5 and 6. When I'm feeling little I like cuddles and Disney and Studio Ghibli and coloring and candy and bubbles and cuddles... oopsie, I said that one already! Anyways, I really like candy and spending time with my Daddy! I like it when my Daddy reads to me and plays with my hair (though he always makes it look crazy >.<) and calls me his sweet babygirl. I like baby animals and I really want a puppy but my Daddy says I don't have room or time for one (He's right, like always, but I still don't like it v.v). I like everything cute and sparkly and glittery and my favorite stuffie is my bear Scotty. He's yellow!


Um, I wrote a lot O.o I think that's enough of me for this though. Baiiiiiiii!!!!!!! ʕ•ᴥ•ʔ

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