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New to the group and new CG


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Hey! I've been searching through here for a day now and I think it's something that is very suited for me. Luckily I did a search and this site came up. I'm looking for my first lg, as I am quite nurturing and this might be a very good thing for me and someone else. I do socialize a lot but it's always acquaintances and not many friends. Since I now live outside of a metro area it would have to be a little that would be ok with a LDR.

My relationships before haven't gone in this direction but it seems most people here really have warm caring relationships and that's something I've been lacking for a while. Anyway, that's about it. Hoping to meet some new friends!

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Guest QueenJellybean

welcome to the forum! we're happy you decided to join our community! 

i'm one of your friendly neighborhood mods, jellybean! 

if you ever need any help, or have any questions/concerns, feel free to message myself or any other administrative staff. 


if you're looking for a relationship, i suggest checking out the Personal Section. 


we hope you find what you're looking for here!  :heart:

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