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Introducing myself


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Hai everyone,


I have been a bit late to introduce myself. Although I am very social, I am a bit anxious about saying or doing the wrong things. But with some cute friends around now, I feel fairly comfortable.


I am a little. I think. I am exploring. I like exploring :)


How to describe me... I am a sociable people-pleaser, I am diplomatic and try to always be polite. But when I get stressed out I tend to be a bit edgy, testing boundaries and generally quite bratty.


Hm... I am intuitive, following my gut, but sometimes I am stupidly naive... I get myself in trouble more often than I admit. When I say that everything is fine. It is not. When I say it doesn't matter. It matters the most. I hide, I evade and I squirm.


I am high on curiosity and energy most of the time, keeping me happy and excited about all the little things in this world. I see life as a big, complex puzzle where everything is connected, I see it through a prism of emotion, compassion and mysticism, and am always on a search for a deeper meaning.


I love praise, I don't mind orders, I want to be protected, I love coloring, writing, cuddles and roleplay. I love nicknames and cute names, call me anything sweet you like to.


This... This is me. I think this is okay. Introducing. Anyway, ask me anything. Help me explore. I don't mind tough questions, private or sensitive ones. I am here to explore. BUT I will not give out personal information. I am here as your internet friend. And I will love you.


I love you all,


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Guest Princess Dusty

Welcome to the site Kitten!!!!! We're so happy to have you!!! You seem super duper sweet!! I'd love to get to know you more! I'm fairly new to the life style myself but I can try to help with any questions  have and if I don't know the answer we can find out together!!


I think it's really good that you roleplay and write!!! I'd love to talk that stuff over with you, seeing as they're both things I love!!! I wish you the best of luck!

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Welcome there Kitten. You're all right I'd say having read that marvellous introduction.

I try to nice but sometimes anxiety and stressful situations can prove trying so I can understand that feeling and have sometimes got into situations that weren't really good for me without realizing it too. I just try to learn from such things and move on.

See you around.

Regards Jo

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