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Being little in secret.


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Hi. So, I'm new to this community and I'm positive that I'm not the first person, or even the 20th person, to make a post like this, but I just wanted to ask if anyone has any advice or tips or something for me about being little while living with other people who don't know. I live in a house with three other people and I wanna start exploring this more and getting cute little things but I also have to be careful. I've looked at getting a PO box so I could sort of discretely order things but it's expensive to get one big enough and I can't afford that right now. Anyways, I would really appreciate any kind of help. Thank you so much!!! Hope everyone's doing okay. 

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For me, i have a coworker/friend whose a little and she knows that my parents dont know im a little (but im a girl who loovees cute stuff) so she lets me send stuff to her house (her mom doesnt care) and when we see each other she just gives it to me and i just hide it in my room. But if anything, start small by buying yourself baby pacis at like the dollar tree or a local store and tell the cashier you have a baby cousin or something. That's what I did. Sorry if this doesn't help...

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Thank you for this cause it really did help me. My roommate knows to an extent so I could easily order stuff and she wouldn't care too much but I'm still nervous about that since we live with her grandparents. I actually just bought a 2 pack of baby pacis from Walmart this morning and I'm so happy with them. I went through self checkout because I was so self-conscious it wasn't even funny. It's the process of getting less nervous and self-conscious that'll take some time. Thank you again for giving me advice. 

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Guest ~*~Sachita~*~

Hey, this is a kind of a unique situation.  I'm not sure if you want tips on being little discretely in public or tips about living with family (since it isn't technically your family).  I'm gonna drop both here.  Hope you find something useful.


Little In Public














Living with family















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Oooh, thank you so much. I'm always open to suggestions and advice and the links you gave me will definitely help!! I really appreciate it. Ordering stuff isn't really an issue anymore and if I buy anything from a store, I just do it when I'm by myself and I put it in my bag when I go into the house. 

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