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Victorian Clothing

Guest SugarNSpiceSam

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Guest SugarNSpiceSam

Is there anyone else out there that's into Victorian clothing? I love it and seem to look at a lot of dresses online. Though I know I can never afford it. Some of it is very pricey. I even like the whole gothic victorian and just looking pretty like those Victorian dolls I've seen over the years. It's became a fascination to me since I was younger and it's been growing over the years now. I've always wanted to be dressed up in those pretty dresses. They're extremely fascinating to me. I think because of my love for Art so much, that I'm just draw to it. I've never met a Daddy or a Dom that seems to like this sort of thing. I know it's extremely expensive, I just love those dresses and clothing style. Another style what people might be familiar with is, Victorian Lolita. I've seen so many adorable outfits online and I'm thinking of saving up and buying one when I can afford it. Anyone else love Victorian clothing or Lolita?  :wub:

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Guest Naturalselectionissexy

I've done several photos shoots back when I modeled often with Victorian gear. It was fun and the images created were drastically contrasting from the clothing to the scenery. They were interesting to say the least.


Nothing in life is cheap, if you want such outfits be prepared to spend significant amounts of money or a good amount of money and tremendous amounts of time creating such articles of clothing. Find a rental costume shop to see if they are willing to part ways with one of their pieces at a reasonable price.

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