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Hi, I'm Dylan


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Hey, I'm Dylan and this is an introduction.


I'm very new to this site and I haven't really gotten my profile together so this'll do for now. I'm 18, and I'm a little in a switch relationship. It's sorta complicated but I'm doing my best lol.


I really joined this site to make more little friends and to find a platonic caregiver I can talk to and go to when I'm in little space. 


Now that I've gotten that out of the way, here are some of my interests...


I love coloring, dancing, singing, watching movies and cartoons (preferably Disney), watching anime, playing The Sims, cuddling up in bed, and chatting with new and old friends.


I'm pretty clingy and when I make a friend I intend to keep that friend with constant communication. I'm not dependent on my friends but I get lonely easily. 


I'm actually quite shy but I thrive off of social interactions lol. I think a lot of littles can relate to that.


I have two cats, a lizard, and a puppy. A pet I wish I had is a hamster, they're chubby and happy like me.


I go into the age spaces of 2-6 years old and I often go into kitten and fawn space. I am mostly 4 years old or a kitten. 


I love to meet new people and don't know how often I'll check in with this site, I'll try to go daily or every other day. If you really want to talk to me you can add me on Discord: woahtherefirefly #6344 or you can message me on Tumblr woahtherefirefly.


I won't post a picture of my face on this site. You will have to get to know me, first.

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Guest QueenJellybean

welcome to the forum! we're happy you decided to join our community! 

i'm one of your friendly neighborhood mods, jellybean! 

if you ever need any help, or have any questions/concerns, feel free to message myself or any other administrative staff. 


we hope you find what you're looking for here!     :heart:

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