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New Little/Pet Here


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Hewwo! I'm Dessie, da foxdeer! My big age is 21 but my wittle age is 5-8. I'm taken by da bestest, most amazing Daddy ever! I like spoopy stuff, cartoons, music, art, drawing, animals, nature, and occult stuff.


Wittle me is super loving and adorbs. I wuv to show off my dwawings, pway wit my stuffies, pway dwess up, cuddle, and watch cartoons. I'm vewy needy and need constant attention from my Daddy. Anything cute, soft, fuzzy, and pink or black/white I'll be in wuv wit! Wittle me enjoys fantasy cartoons and ones with talking animals. I'm a hybwid pet (human/fox/deer). I have antlers and fox ears and tail but wit a humanoid form!


Big me is super chill but kinda broken. I'm a spoonie so everything takes massive amounts of energy for me. I'm 4/20 friendly, love adult animation, true crime, and occult/horror stuff. I have mental disorders and am disabled cause of them. I like to spend my days watching tv but I also like to hang with friends sometimes. I can be judgey but that's only because I am very distrusting.

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