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Help For A Newer Daddy?


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So my Daddy is amazing as he is, don't get me wrong, but little me has needs I'm unsure how to express let alone form into words. We're currently LDR which causes it's own share of issues, and on top of that his phone is old and breaking so we can't always talk like I want to. I brought up me having rules, we agreed on what they are to be, and I've done a good job following them. he problem is he never checks to see if I have followed them or not, and there's no punishments in place if I do forget a rule. He's newer (he's 21, and I'm his first little) so I don't expect him to be my perfect Daddy, or anywhere near it right away. But I still need that dominating/caring role in my life. He's caring, but not so much dominating. Any tips to bring his Dom side out more?

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Guest SifuTheWolf
If he has a profile on here (he should) he can send me a friend request and then he can message me freely with any questions he may have. My babygirl and I were long-distance for a couple of years before we made the leap to living together, and I was in a ldr for about a year before all that = I have experience and am willing to help him find his own path.
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Guest TheBetterDaddy

I think you kind of highlighted the potential problem already - he’s young and you’re his first. He might just be a little unsure of what is normal in these relationships and without experience he’s decided to be a little more cautious. Sometimes In these days it’s harder for men to be dominant and assertive because we are worried about crossing boundaries or making women uncomfortable. In the MeToo times and when men are also being told to be less “masculine” he might just be thinking it’s a better idea to be sweeter rather than more dominant.


But, he sounds open to communication since you already brought up having rules and he was all for it. I think you should try one of two things, either just come right out and say what you like so he knows and can learn your tastes, or every time he does act more dominant , give him lots of positive reaction. Kind of train him without him knowing. Reinforce his dom behavior by you acting like you totally love it and he will be encouraged to be more of a dom and he will see he’s not pushing any limits he might have made up in his head.

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SifuTheWolf, he doesn’t have a computer (he has to use his friend’s when he does need one) and his phone won’t load this website let alone even load videos anymore. I’d love for him to come and join this site but that probably won’t happen until he can upgrade his phone next month :(


TheBetterDaddy, we’re very open with each other, and if the other is uncomfortable with a fantasy or fetish the other is into then we’ll have an open and honest discussion about it. We haven’t had to have many, but we’ve had a few and they’ve always gone very well. I’m gonna try talking to him about what I want, but then again I’m still very unsure about exactly what I’m looking for myself. I know I’m a little/hybrid pet but due to lack of structure in my everyday life, I need a lot of rules, punishments, and control. I can understand why in this day-and-age men would be afraid of creating that type of environment for a woman, but I feel that’s something that would benefit me and help me grow as a person

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