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how to deal with being lonely


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hope you're all doing fine

so..i live in egypt " middle eastern country " and as you know we have little to non sexual education

anything out of the ordinary is considered wrong also with BDSM being illegal it feels like actual hell to be into such lifestyle

I can't have little friends to color or do anything fun with, ofc I can't get a caregiver and it always feels lonely

if anyone's dealing with something similar please don't hesitate to give advice.

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Guest QueenJellybean

i would suggest making some online friends! virtual coloring is totally a thing -- maybe schedule some virtual playdates! 

check out our Friends Zone + maybe consider making an ad?

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Considering your situation, it would be good to be careful and to go slow. However, there maybe other littles in similar situation that you could carefully seek out. Having online little friends/relationship maybe another good option. Good luck! 

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Hello maniaa


I currently live in Giza/gypt I'm a switch leaning more towards being a little,I can totally understand how you feel as I relate ,I'm always afraid of bringing BDSM to a talk to my trusted people fearing judgment,no one knows I'm submissive it's pretty discouraging ,all of my experience is online in my mind,there is no one else in Egypt with the same mindset/preference but it seems I've been mistaken , it's always dangerous looking for locals mostly because there are plenty of catfishing .


It would be lovely if we could talk and share our experience !

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hello :)
im from egypt too!!! :3
im really into the cg/l life style, ive been curious about it for a couple of years now.
i only recently stumbled across this website and i just saw this post.  im really excited to finally come across someone from egypt who is also into this! :)
i hope we can talk a little and share our experiences and thoughts :)
i too hate being lonely in my love for this life style and wish to be able to live it one day, away from this place of course XD
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Guest Looby-Lou

Maybe you could have a kik group to chat to each other? (I don't use kik myself but apparently it's a good way to have group chats without disclosing personal contact info that you might not want to share.) I just wonder if it would be a safe/anonymous way for you to enjoy your DDlg/BDSM interests?


Wishing you all good luck in your friendships & lifestyle!


Looby  :)

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