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Hi everyone I am new to this community as my girlfriend is into it and I am trying this out. I could do with making friends within this community as I don't know what I am doing and I cannot seem to find any pages that are sfw with advice. 

For example I don't know what rewards I could give, how to get her out of her shell when she goes all shy and I am confused as to what to do when she is bratty. 

I guess alot of these questions should be answered by her and then respected by me and let her drive this forward but its rare that I get to speak to her when she isnt in 'little space' also I understand that there is a whole good community around DDLG.


Thank you for reading this and any response even if its just a hi and something that makes you smile would be apreciated. If not then have a good day.




p.s the name is because of Eugene from tangled (our favorite disney film) not an obscene reference.    


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