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Bunny's Introduction


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Hiya! You can call me bunny or bun for short (I'll tell you my real name once I feel comfortable).

I'm new to this site, I signed up yesterday. :3

My little age is 1-5 and my big age is 18. 

I like bunnies (as you can tell from my name).

Some of my fave little activities are coloring, watching Disney movies or cartoons, listening to Disney music, going to the park, and dressing in cute clothes.

My favorite big activities are playing video games, swimming, talking to friends, going on walks, spending most of my time listening to music, and photography. 


I'd love to make some little friends since I don't have any, so please feel free to message me! :D

Also, i'd love to have a daddy but i'm not okay with LDR unless you live an hour away so i'd prefer someone who lives in Atlanta :blush:


please no meanies 

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