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🥳 🎉 🎅 🎄 🤶

Croak !


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Hi welcome I like frogs too!


This forum isn't just for people in relationships and it doesn't have to be d/s if you don't want it to be. It's cool to be little by yourself! I joined just last month but I've had fun reading and commenting.


And your English is good. :)  Only one thing I'll tell you. It's a common joke in English when mentioning frogs to say "hoppy to join you" instead of "happy" because frogs like to hop! :lol: But that's just to be silly. You don't have to do it.



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Omagad thanks for the frog pun ! I immediately edited my intro !! Thank you for the welcome and your explanations too 'v'


I am convinced that I am in the right place now (UwU)

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