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Hi from a neophyte :3


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Hi, everyone! Just wanted to start by saying I’m so glad this forum exists and I’m really impressed with how welcoming this community has been. Some of you may know me from the chat room, but wanted to officially introduce myself here. (:


I’m for sure a sub, but I’m still figuring out how much of a little I am. I have no idea what my age range is. When I’m around acquaintances, I act older than my age, and when I’m around close friends, I act much younger. It’s as if I feel the need to impress those who don’t know me well and the need to entertain those who do. Or what if my differently aged behaviors come from something else? Maybe the more familiar I am with someone, the truer I can be to my most natural age. Or perhaps I don’t use my silly, childish vernacular around those who don’t know me well simply because they wouldn’t understand what I’m trying to say. (:


Anyway, enough theorizing for now. I’ll post a personal ad eventually, but in the meantime, I look forward to exploring this forum more and getting to know you all!



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