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My name is minnie. I also go by peachy. I am a 21 year old kitten from the northeast USA.  I identify as queer (lesbian) and I use she/her pronouns.  I am relatively new to the forum.  I am mainly here to make cutesy friends, since I have had no luck doing so irl. 


I am a very introverted person and haven't been able to make many friends in general.


Therefore I spend a lot of my time drawing, knitting, writing, sewing, or making music (very badly).  I like anime and think I have watched a lot more than the average person. I spend a lot of time watching youtube videos and lazily scrolling through reddit.  (please feel free to tell me about any niche/peculiar threads you may know about).  I am into trendy stuff even if I don't partake in it myself. Ironically trendy stuff is also good (please tell me about a re-targeting generated oddly specific tshirt you would buy)


I really like fashion and am trying to convert my style closer to the lolita doll look, but I like being edgy sometimes, so I am still figuring that out.  Im five foot two so I really like platforms and heels.  I waist train and like piercings so if you are into body mod maybe we can talk about that?  I like tattoos but I don't have any.  I want crystal hearts probably on my chest, thighs or wrists....


I am also really into tea and coffee and like to chat about it.I study Japanese and would like to start learning Korean, but I haven't really had the motivation to do anything really since getting some troubling medical news....I hope that making new cute friends will help me get back on track and go back to a sort of happy and fluffy life.


We should play online uno together and create a podcast about ourselves.  hmu.

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Hello, welcome to the forum! I think I've seen a couple of your posts :)


I'm introverted too. I know how hard it can be to make new friends. :)

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