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My name for now is Nephilim but you can call me Neff for now.

I became a Daddy-Dom about 4 years ago with a special Little.

Now that we've moved on, I'm seeking out a new Little, but first would like to make some friends

and if possible, learn and expand myself knowledge within the DDLG community.

I'm new-ish but I'm a natural Daddy. I love to serve and protect my Little(s).

I love all things nerdy. Movies, Music, Anime, TV, and Books (Literature | Comic)  

I'm a secret keeper. I DO NOT judge. Only if you judge, will I not like you

I'm ashamed to admit but in the public eye, I'm straight but deep down, I'm pansexual.

My shame comes from me being in the closet about my sexuality. 

I've never got to achieve my full potential but I'm hoping I can someday. 

But message me and let's talk. I'm not picky, obviously  :D  ;)  :p


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