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Hey all! I'm Liam! :) you can call me Tuck or Liam, either or!


Just thought I'd finally introduce myself as I've been here for a little while!


I'm 24, I'm from the UK, im a massive nerd and metalhead, I love everything nerdy and im a huge gamer. I listen to all music but metal and 80s is my two favourites! I live for gigs and festivals.


I have 6 tattoos but my tattoos are slowly becoming more and more. I have both ears stretched too and consider myself quite alternative.


I love movies and binge watching TV shows! I love horror films, especially old slashers! My favourite horror film is A Nightmare On Elm Street! But favourite film in general is JAWS, I even have a JAWS tattoo.


I'm also an airsofter as well as a WWII enthusiast! I cant share many pics of airsofting as I dont know the websites rules on firearms and it isn't worth the hassle, even if they arent real :p I like dressing up when I go and using era appropriate weaponry and clothing so you can sometimes find me dressed as a member of the 82nd Airborne, all dressed up in WWII US paratrooper gear!


There's loads to me! Please dont hesitate to message me and make friends! I dont bite, often! Didn't mention my dd side or dom side as I've left that for personals :) hope to hear from you all soon!

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