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Hello there, I am brand new!


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Please ignore my post count, my signature, and my profile. I am completely brand new here and I think it's a glitch that I have nearly 100 posts.


My name is Mr Bones, I own a theme park and it's home to one of the one of the longest and wildest roller coasters to ever exist. Don't believe me? Just check this out!


Moving on...


When I'm not torturing riders by pelting them with peanuts, I run a very simple home life. I play a metric ton of video games. I love first person shooters, fighting games, MOBAs, and strategy games. I'm also big on Dungeons and Dragons. Video game black markets are something I have an intense amount of knowledge about. In short, that sort of video game geekery is the definition of who I am. By extension, I'm really big on computers. I'm by no means an expert in that department because computers have just so many different extensions, but I definitely know a fair bit. You can add me on Steam here, since I have 230+ games at the time of writing and am constantly expanding my library to play more.


I'm also pretty big on music, I can listen to just about anything and if it has a nice sound then I add it to one of my many playlists. I listen to music all over the spectrum and definitely enjoy finding new artists. If I had to pick a top 3 it would have to be hip hop, grunge rock, or electronic music (electro-house, trance, dubstep, whatever). I live near an amazing music city so these types of things just come naturally.


As far as me as a person goes, I am incredibly loyal and incredibly hot headed. Which is funny because you'll never see me necessarily go off on people in public. I'm usually venting it out with someone else before I say anything that gets me into deep trouble. If I intimidate you, that's pretty natural to feel. Most people will tell me at one point "Remind me not to make you mad" and I laugh because power is fun. I mean what...


My experience in DDlg is kind of bland. I began my journey with a girl who suggested the idea fairly casually and I definitely enjoyed the dynamic as an extension of D/s. After an intense breakup, I had to regain my composure and began dating again and struck a chord with a girl in much the same way. A casual suggestion led to a development of a DDlg relationship. The second time around I wanted to experiment with protocol and that seemed like it was going alright. But my personal downfalls led to the failure of upholding the protocols or doing anything Caregiver related on a regular enough basis and our relationship crumbled. I questioned my desire to be in this type of dynamic heavily, originally saying that I was not a Daddy but more of just a Top. But after having many long discussions with my little, I decided to give it another shot but this time with a bit more oomph.


I want to become much better at being a caregiver than I was in the last 3 years of my experiences. I'm learning the ropes and am reading lots of the threads posted here for ideas to help build me up as a Daddy. I hope that my time spent here is spent wisely and makes me a better person overall!


I joined these forums to both be that guy with forum experience to help run things on the background (I only accept payments of Trident Layers), and my original intention was to be a drama king. Which I can be, but only on special occasions.


And if you took the time to read all of this, Sophie is a noob, Snape kills Dumbledore, Aeries dies, the princess is always in another castle, and I'm outta here.




Also, my name is Clifford and I am a big red dog at heart.

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Good job on making the second longest introduction post. Unfortunately DLDVM08's introduction beat yours by 86 words. ;)



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Lol. Your post made me laugh out loud in class. I needed that. This class sucks the color out of my universe. Nice to meet you and you sound like a ball of fun! I will try to find you on Steam.
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