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hellooooo Im new


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Hello Im Jade Or littlesubTigger


I'm new to DD/lg but Ive been involved in BDSM for a while 


 heres my fetlife profile and my tumblr


I think Ive know I'm little for a while but just not acted on it I would say I'm more of a middle with little tendencies I love my stuffies n anime Ghibli for the win I work as a web designer  and pretty much live my life online Im also Trans (MTF post op) and Im Bi and dyslexic  so I have a lot of boxes to tick when it comes to forms.


I love every thing to DO with the LGBt community and Try to keep my hand in where I Can  with that As I'm self employed It can some times be hard to take my big girl hat off and slow down but I think I Ballance it quite well.


Im based up north  in the uk but I'm from London originally  heres my personal site www.jadestewart.co.uk I love to draw  when I can find the time I did  go to uni to become a Graphic designer but  ended up designing websites using wordpress


I,ve done a lot of jobs in my time I started out training to be a electrician then moved in to being a stage hand work back stage at a lot of concerts . I've worked back stage at a beatstie boys concert seen blondie live, waited on tables cleaned up puke and worked behind a match bar or too waited table at a masonic lodge dinner and even been a bar manager a few times. I've been the deputy manager of a internet cafe I,ve even air brushed boobs for a living. and yes i Have even taken my clothes off to make a buck lol.


So thats me 


J xxx

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