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LF a very specific social mmo


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Hey all!

Okay after reading through several threads full of game suggestions, I'm going to create my own thread which is a bit more specific and hopefully then I can find exactly what I'm looking for.

Basically, I'd love to find a game which is cute, (and then i mean mostly the GUI, should not be overwhelming or messy), non-scary (and also non-hectical, i get easily anxious).
It's social aspects should be high, I'm looking to connect with a group of people, a community. This is the tricky part for sure. That's why I think if it were a game most of you play, it would be excellent.

It should also be lots of fun, purposeful, addictive, yet not so intense that before you know it, you are studying all the information the game has to offer... (I hate making choices)
Something that has jobs, or skills to improve. Something with a smooth movement system (often kid-games or anything else cute looking has terrible camera- and movement options.)

I have tried crazy many games and for each of them i jsut found "something" that made me close the game. I've also seen a lot of games with great potential, but then they sadly were too scary for me. I am watching for pumpkin online, it seems to be a fun little game, yet its not released yet.
A small, warmhearted caring community would be the best. (and not like 200 screaming kids).
I'm looking for something 3D too, 3rd person. But if everyone plays something that is really worth it im ofc gonna try it too! :D
I love upgrading stuff too, like skills and other thigns. I love to do purposeful things, like if you for instance work to be able to get a certain item for your apartment, it should actually have a use to it, and not just decoration... So a good questline would be fun!


Elements from other games that i liked: Farmville 2 for instance you get to cook with the items you yield and sell it for money, minecraft because you get to explore the world and build your own place (but it lacks a point, cuteness and community, plus its scary at night. I do enjoy everything else about it so i play it with Sir on our own server), Haven&Hearth was cool but also pointless and graphics are terrible. Allods Online had nice graphics but it was way too repetative and just reading what all those skills do is something my little space can't exactly handle hahaha!
I've tried so many other games, I really just want a welcoming warm virtual, easy to the eyes, safe-space for when im in little-mode to hang out with fellow people.

So hopefully you can help me :)


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