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    24m Artsy Daddy from Sweden looking for a girl with a big heart

    Sweden Relationship Friendship Gamer Musician Art Love Game

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    Posted 08 April 2019 - 11:06 AM

    Age: 24.. 25 now! I'm evolving!
    Name: Kristoffer
    Role: Daddy, dom, predator, caring, switch
    Location: Sweden
    Sexual Orientation: Straight
    Looking for: Little girl, love, relationship and Friendships
    Relationship preference: Mono
    Number of partners I have: SINGLE

    About me
    I'm a man from Sweden who's just been through a very tough period of break up recently and am moving forward away from it. What better way than to admit that it was a part of the past and embrace a new bright future?

    I absolutely love games, always have and always will. This is a big part in my life, it's been so impactful that I've started to try and make them myself with teams.
    I am also a musician part-time (hobby) and a substitute teacher at full-time. I Make music for games as well as a hobby.
    If you're an artist, that would be super cool and I think we would click rather easily.
    Do you love to laugh and have a generally good time? then i'm your guy! I LOVE making people laugh and i'm definitely a jokester <3
    However, i'm also a very serious person when it comes to my ambitions and goals. I Want to work hard for the things that matter in my life.
    Therefore I tend to get into rather 'heavy' subjects and rather tough topics that revolve around life itself. I'm a philosopher at heart after all and I guess meaning is important to me, no matter how small.
    I Like to discuss why life exists, and surreal thoughts of what life can look like in a different reality.
    So if you like bouncing ideas and such, that would be a pretty cool time to have!

    Although I enjoy being optimistic, there's a heavy weight on my shoulders due to past experiences. 
    So even though I might seem like a happy and great person I'm quite reserved, introverted and extremely Nervous as a person. 
    Trying new things is quite a scary thing for me. (doesn't stop me from trying. But it's good to know). 
    I have a lot of gray hair as well so I hope that's not an issue..


    What's MOST important
    Remember that no matter who it is.. it all comes down to chemistry. Do we bounce off each other, do we clash?
    I Think that regardless of what people are like or look like, it's the most important factor. keep this in mind when reading further.



    What I would like to see in 'my' girl
    (These are NOT requirements, just what I like)
    Do you like playing games too? WOHO!
    (Maybe you like watching? I can stream too < 3)
    A big heart, compassion and care.. Respect comes a long way with me.
    To show modesty with nice gestures and the way you talk - it's a soft spot.
    If you're a nerd in any shape or form, that is super cute.
    Do you enjoy Art? Drawing, music anything related to the two? Sweet!
    Do you like to ask questions? Well who doesn't! You can ask me tons! : D
    Personality traits are awesome in a lot of different ways.

    Are you a cheerful and optimistic person? We'll go really well together haha
    Ambitious or enthusiastic? Oh yes please.

    Do you love laughing? Cause i'm a comedian at full time and I will be pretty silly~


    If you're my princess, i'll be your knight.



    (NOT requirements, just more about what I like)
    Although you're a little, it's nice to be seduced by one too. (hehehe)
    I'm a rather nervous daddy (a bit shy at first) and you can definitely have your way with me if you play your cards right.
    After all, daddy is nothing without his little girl!
    if you like posing with your favorite clothes, i'll gladly watch. 
    (I love complimenting)
    Knee highs, skirts, dresses etc.. are really nice and makes me really weak.
    I have a soft spot for average/skinny girls too. (surprising I know.)

    Ageplay & roleplay is a weakness of mine.


    There's one mandatory Recomendation however:
    It would be nice to have someone who lives in Europe at least, as the distance is a pain.
    But if you want to try and converse anyways and see where things go. Go ahead. 
    For your own sake though, it's probably easier if you either have some sort of connection to Sweden. Extreme LDR is hard.

    With all that said..
    Do not be shy, what are you waiting for. Hit me up!
    I'm anxious to meet you!

    I have Skype, discord, snap and kik. (check my profile for kik)
    PM Me and we'll take it from there : )

    or add me on the forums, then we can have a chat~

    Conversation starter
    Tell me about yourself, your favorite hobbies and what you do on your free time
    (Do you like to dressup? Do you play games? Instruments?)
    Anything is welcome!

    Thank you for reading.

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    Posted 17 July 2019 - 12:05 PM

    Hey Kristoffer!


    My name is Kayla and I am a little/puppy from Ireland, and I'm 20 years old. You seem like such a great guy and I would love to get to know you!


    I have a bunch of information about myself in my own personal which you can find linked on my profile page but some of the basics to start you off with are:


    I loooove video games, they're a huge part of my life and it's how I spend a lot of my free time!

    Music is a big interest of mine too, even though I can't play any instrument I would love to learn :) I listen to almost every genre! From rock to indie, lo-fi to punk, rap to country- I just like a good beat/rhythm and nice lyrics!


    I love wearing cute clothes although I am a tiny bit chubby but working on losing the weight! It's just tough >< But I love dressing up in knee highs and shorts and skirts :) They make me feel so cute!


    I've sent you a friend request and would love to chat to you! I have discord, instagram, snapchat and kik and if you DM I'll give you my usernames!



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