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    Silly & cuddly Daddy seeks Princess (29/M/UK/asexual)

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    Posted 14 April 2019 - 12:07 AM

    Hi there! Thanks for taking the time to check out my personal ad!
    Age: 30
    Name: crazycatdaddy
    Role: Daddy
    Location: Northwest England
    Sexual Orientation: Asexual (hetero)
    Looking for: Baby Princess
    Relationship preference: Monogamous
    Number of partners I have: None
    So let's get the biggest potential deal-breakers out of the way first! I used to be married (I got married waaay too young and we just weren't right for each other) and my health isn't great. There's a mental health condition - we can discuss the details, don't worry - and a physical disability too, which means I walk with a stick. As someone who's asexual, my partner would need to be okay with a completely nonsexual - but still romantic - relationship. I'm strictly monogamous; sorry but I can't be a babysitter or part-time caregiver for someone who already has a partner. Finally, I'm overweight.
    You might've guessed from my username but I love cats. I have two of my own and they're my fur babies! As a daddy I'm silly a lot of the time, but what's not silly is finding the right baby girl to be with forever. Yes, forever! That's a loooong time, and though there's no hurry, it means the eventual long-term goal is living together.
    Great communication is super important to me, and that includes frequent Skype dates. Please don't worry if video calling someone new makes you nervous at first, it doesn't have to happen immediately.
    You're gonna be a huge part of my life; you'll know my plans as I make them, my schedule, and everything else that happens. You'll be the first and the last person I talk to every day. Going so much as a day without talking is an absolute no-no. I'll include you in my life and be open and honest - and I expect that level of honesty and communication from you too. Figuring out if we're compatible takes time, and we both have to put in lots of time and effort to communicate and build a relationship.
    Perferably you'll be based in the UK for ease of meeting up - which we'll do as often as possible when we hit that stage in our relationship - and to make it less expensive to send care packages and travel. Yes, that means you're gonna get care packages sometimes! Moving isn't on the cards for me as I'm settled in my home, but I've got a second bedroom that would make the perfect nursery or playroom for you! I don't have any preferences for looks and you can be older or younger than me - all that matters is we want the same things from our relationship.
    What I love most about CG/L is feeling needed. No one truly "needs" their partner, but feeling like you do for basic yet intimate things - for example getting you dressed and changed, giving you a bath, or feeding you - that's the heart of being a daddy for me.
    Just to be clear, I don't expect 24/7 littlespace. I'll do my utmost to be a good boyfriend, partner, and best friend for big you, not just a daddy for little you.
    As a caregiver, I'm definitely a nurturer. In fact I don't consider myself a dominant at all, simply a daddy. You can still have rules, but I don't have a silly pre-recorded list I'm going to dump on you in our first conversation! I firmly believe rules need to be tailored to you, and those I might've made for someone else ages ago probably won't fit. We'll talk about it together and agree on some great ones! That could easily include rules to follow outside of littlespace. Rule-breaking could mean a punishment (e.g. timeouts, writing, the naughty corner, being "grounded" from certain activities). I will do light spankings - but only if that's something you really want.
    Don't be afraid to ask me to play with you, braid your hair, or watch baby cartoons together; I love all those things and 1001 others. I'll cut up your food for you, tuck you in at naptime, and give you lots of kissies and cuddles! I can't wait to meet your teddies, toys, and dollies - I hope they're gonna like me! If you're artistic and like to fingerpaint or colour, your pictures are gonna go up on the fridge!
    Nappies (diapers) are an important part of littlespace for me, so I'd love it if you use them. In the past I've been with people who had bladder and bowel conditions, and I'm happy to care for you if that's the case (but it's obviously not a requirement).
    In fact if you've got any health issues - mental or physical - I'll help to the best of my ability. I'm no expert but I know a certain amount about mental health.
    Outside of being a daddy, I've been busy dealing with my own health in recent years. But I do have some hobbies! I love photography, cooking/baking, reading, writing (I contribute to Wikipedia among other things), and I keep up to date with news and current events. I'd love to talk about big things sometimes: philosophy, science, politics. I bet you have lots to teach me, things I never would've learned otherwise! Musically I like a lot of country and rock, but also pop and even some jazz and classical stuff - it depends on my mood! Current faves are Zac Brown Band and The Shires, but it changes often! I'm not a big fan of horror or scary stuff, but I like drama, comedy, sci-fi, and lots of cartoons!
    Get in touch if we're a good match! Friends are welcome too, but please be clear that's what you're looking for when you write to me. If you haven't written much here on the forum (personal ad/profile) please say more than just "hey" when you message me so I have an idea who you are. I have most of the usual chat apps, but no rush and I'm happy to exchanges messages on the forum. Can't wait to hear from you!

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