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Safe Edible Glitter


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 You can do this with salt or with sugar, I'd recommend, if doing it with sugar, to make sure it's sealed nicely so u don't invite ants into the house.

Pour some salt into a sealable plastic bag. To avoid having to wash any bowls or dishes, you can mix your salt glitter in a plastic bag that seals closed. You’ll need a bag for each color of glitter that you want to make. Fill them with as much salt as you’d like, though you shouldn’t fill them to the brim or the glitter will be difficult to mix later.[1]
    You can use any type of salt that you like, such as regular non-iodized table salt. However, coarser salts, including kosher and sea salt, usually work best. You can even use epsom salt, which tends to sparkle on its own.
    Keep in mind that the amount of salt you use is the amount of glitter you’ll wind up with in the end.
Add several drops of food coloring to the bag. Once you’ve placed the salt in the plastic bag, it’s time to color the glitter. Squeeze several drops of liquid food coloring into the salt in your desired shade.[2]
    You can add as much or as little food coloring to the salt as you’d like. However, the more salt that you’re using, the more food coloring you’ll need to add.
    In most cases, the more food coloring you add, the darker and more saturated the finished color will be. You may need to add as many as 10 drops if you want very dark glitter and you’re making a large batch.
    For soft, pastel glitter, 1 or 2 drops of food coloring may be enough.
    It’s usually best to start out with a small amount of food coloring. You can always add more if you want to deepen the glitter’s color.
Seal the plastic bag and mix the salt and food coloring. After you’ve added the food coloring to the salt, close the plastic bag. Shake the bag thoroughly, moving the salt and coloring around together to mix them completely.[3]
    To ensure that none of the salt falls out of the bag while you’re mixing, fold down the sealed edge and hold that in your hand as you shake the bag.
    If the glitter isn’t the shade that you want after shake the bag, add more food coloring and mix the bag again. Repeat the process until you’re satisfied with the glitter’s color.
Open the bag and allow the salt to dry. When the salt glitter is the color that you’d like, open the bag so air can reach it. Leave the bag out in a warm, dry spot, and let it dry completely. In most cases, you’ll only need to dry the glitter for 2 to 3 hours.[4]
    If you’ve made a large batch of glitter, you may need to leave it to dry longer. You can leave it to dry overnight to be safe.
    Once the glitter is dry, you can transfer it to storage containers, such as old salt shakers.
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