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hey :)


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Hey everyone, just joined so I thought I should write here and introduce myself.
Not sure what to say, I'm 19 and my ex that I broke up with a couple months ago brought me into all of this and I realised I quite liked ddlg.
I'm quite a shy and nervousness person, but I always try to be as friendly as I can to everyone and I'd love to meet a lot of new people and make some friends in the community because it's not really something I've ever shared with anyone in real life because I'm a little embarrassed idk.
I'm from england, currently studying first year psychology, I like reading a lot, listen to all sorts of music (mostly guilty pleasure artists like taylor swift ><) 

I don't think I'm ready to get back into anything right now at all, but I'd love to talk and make some friends and see what happens here
hopefully I'll see you all around  :heart:

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Hiii and welcome! 

Hope you have a really good time here! We can talk and try to be friends if you want, I'm shy too but still. Also, I'm curious to know what do you like to read bc I like reading too, soooo. Hope we can talk soon.

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