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Gentle-Daddy from AUS greets!


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My name is Trin and my friends call me...well. Trin, but they do say Trinny as well from time to time. I am born and raised in Australia, my ethnicity is Asian and I am 20 years of age. And if anyone thinks that I am young to have experience, I am not offended by that at all. I only have 3/4 of a year worth of experience yet I did have two little in the process which have both moved on from me. I won't say what happened as an intro, but despite how much it did hurt since I never gave anyone as much time and care (Besides doggo) as I did to them, they wished for me to be happy. 

I am a gentle-dom. I like to spoil my Little, especially when they deserve it, give a lot of affection and attention and offering other activities to do such as voice chatting, video calling, watching movies/cartoons or even just listen to each other sleep. 

I am not exactly here just to look for someone to care for. I would like to make friends, chat with other Littles and Caregivers. Oh I forgot to mention that I am a switch, so experiencing both sides are great.  

My hobbies are watching movies and videos of any genre (but horror...but I guess I can be scared with or for my Little as entertainment >.>), gaming, reading books, comedious stunts, videos, some dark humor but respectful of when to use it and when not to use it, travelling and swimming. 

Well. This is it for my experience and intro, hope I didn't put anyone off by how much I wrote. I am extroverted online yet introverted offline haha. Hope to meet great people here!


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