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How do i tell someone about my little space


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So ive got this person me and daddy are friends with, and he is very kind to me. Hes like a big brother to me(in a non ddlg way). He often treats me as if i am small, and he often brings out my little side.


Last night he took me home from work and i was being quite obnoxious and wild. I dont think he minded too much.


Hes always been the friend who looked after me and worried about me, even before we were as good of friends as we are now.


I think i wanna tell him about my little space, but im not sure if he would accept it. I dont know how to read him to see which side he would lean towards. Im worried if i tell him, he'll disapprove. Im also worried that if i don't tell him, i will regret it.

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I concur with the above, or if you feel comfortable enough you could say that you are so comfortable around them that in the best way it brings out your inner child, and you hope that’s ok. I mean technically that’s what little space is, is you allowing yourself to be your little with all the sweet rambunctious nature of it :) you don’t have to explain your connection to DDlg and your relationship dynamic if you don’t feel the person would understand, I feel like little space can be more personal and deep than that.
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