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Hello! New to DDLG & SO relieved to discover others like me!


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For years I've known I'm very submissive..but have been too ashamed & scared to admit to ANYONE, even my partner. I am so excited to discover this whole community that feels the same way! <3 Reading up on others' experiences I've come to realize I'm a bratty sub that LOVES cuddles, plushies, blanket forts, sweets..emotional connection..& maybe a bit naughty, but only with my........daddy. (I feel odd saying that because I have not opened up to my partner about my cravings & wishes..I'm terrified to admit it yet..but it feels neccessary for my happiness.) I absolutely LOVE the thought & get chills being called HIS babygirl.. <3 But anyway..I'm so excited to discover, open up, & most importantly feel SAFE & UNDERSTOOD with other weirdos like me! <3 Heheย 

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