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Hi everyone!
So Sir joined this forum yesterday and he looked into the long-distance thread, and found a great app inthere called "HabitRPG", or Habitica.com in your browser on the PC.
And he told me to make an account onthere, because I'd been given several things i had to do and we did that on Producteev before, with some whole complicated point system so Sir had to waste a lot of time looking through all the different sections of to-do's I'd done that day and give me points... So we sort of slacked off because when I am visiting him we don't want to spend an hour each day counting points when we can be cuddling instead!!

So I was really happy when I found out what Habitica is and it is exactly what I had wished for, so now i can do my dailies for Sir and I'll get gold that I can spend on custom rewards (or ingame gear, too!).
And you can fight monsters onthere too.
So this is why I'm writing here, because I'd like to find out who is all onthere, so that we can maybe create a DDlg guild (or maybe there is one already) or a group and then we can fight monsters together, so they'll die faster and we get more gold!

So, let me know, this can be like the Habitica username thread or something :)
My username is XanaStill

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I wanted to do Habit RPG, even got the app for iOS, but I couldn't get the hang of it :(

At your recommendation I think I'm going to try it a little bit more :)

I'm not even sure what my username is or how to add friends :s

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