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Hi everyone! 


My name is Jasmine Starshine (though most just call me 'Jazzie'). I'll try my best not to repeat the things I wrote in my 'About Me' section, so here goes! :lol:


I'm 23 living in Cleveland, owned and collared by my Daddy, and have identified as ABDL for a looooong time. He and I have been together eight months and are looking forward to possibly moving in together and eventually taking the next steps in our relationship!


My little age is 2, though it does fluctuate between 1.5 and 5. Like many, it serves a very therapeutic purpose in my life and allows me to function as an adult.


Other than that, I'm an avid member of the Furry Fandom, I attend a lot of conventions, I'm into music, Nintendo 64, and a bunch of other stuff!


Very excited to get to know you all better :wub: 

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