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Haiiya folx! 


I'm Kara.  29 queer/trans[MtF] so, she/her pronouns are preferred. Neutral pronouns [ex. zie/zir, they/them] are also great. Have a wide range of interests and hobbies. Most of them nerdy/geeky like sci-fi and horror, digital media/art, design, music  production, and DIY things. Usually when I'm feeling big. Loooove critters of all kinds, and live with 3 rats, a cat, and another little(who's my partner and bestist friend).


Relatively new to the CGL and DDLG community, but not new to being a little. I've got experience as a caregiver too. I share my life with a lovely partner who I get to be both little and big with. I would love to meet a caregiver who'd like to join my polya family, however I'm primarily here for community and hopefully new frenz. Especially other queer/trans littles!


When in littlespace I love to watch cartoons, play games, make art and crafts, eat tasty things and snuggle up to someone special.

I prefer that people introduce them self prior to sending me a friend request, thankzies!

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