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Hi everyone!!

I am new here!  I've pretty much always had little tendencies but have been actively accepting my little side the past 3 years. My little age is usually between 3-5 but can be older depending on the situation.

As for a name, I am currently deciding between either JellyBean or Cherry Pop as my little name. I like both! 

I am very recently single and I am currently working on reconnecting with my little side, which is why I am here :)

It is super exciting to have the opportunity to meet other people in the DDlg community, rather than feeling alone In it. 

Can't wait to meet everyone!!

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Hello! Welcome to the forum! My name is Stella and Im one of the staff members. If you ever need us, you can find a list of us here.

If you have any questions, dont hesitate to ask! The resource section was the place I first went to when I first joined and it helped me greatly, Ill attach the link for you here!

I hope you enjoy the forum ^.^ you can usually catch me in the chatroom should you need me!


Don't forget to read our rules ^.^

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