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Hiya! Im a middle from the US


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Hi. My name is JJ or Jules.Im new to this sort of. Im a kinda in a permanent middle space. People don't understand and I can't tell them, they just constantly tell me to act my age.


I love to read, draw, write. Im kind of a nerd/loner/wallflower. Im socially awkward. I am currently in crisis trying to balance being what everyone wants and being myself. But this only makes me want to be me more.

I hate my surroundings and they people that boss me. I just want someone who understands me and want judge me. I just wanna run away.


Sorry im ranting. Anyway hi and id like to be friends.

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Forget what anyone wants you to be. You be you! And if they don't like it, and can't accept you as you are, go and find other people (like here!  :D ) My heart is still that of a child, although my body and mind don't reflect that  :blush: . My heart wishes my mind never saw the things it has over the years, and my body the wear and tear it has suffered. I have had many people tell me to act my age, even ones who are younger than me, and I always tell them,

"Never! I never act my age (because I don't know how someone my age is supposed to act). I will act how I feel." and they can tell that I don't care what their opinion of me is. I can't afford to worry about what people think of me, they are in no position to judge me. They have not walked a mile in my shoes. When I was younger, I did get that a lot, but now, hardly anyone bothers me anymore. Now people see it in me, and this is the way I am, and they appreciate that fact.

My family has always known I never wanted to grow up, and they never tried to force me to "grow up". In fact, they were more jealous of me because my heart is still young, and in that, showed my maturity even as I took on more responcibility, as adults are supposed to. My wife really saw that it made me a fun person to be around, and our son, who is now 16 years old, knows that he can share things with me without me judging him, and that I am there for him.

I have my information on my profile, if you would like to look it up. Just click on my avatar, and it will take you there. And I don't mind you sharing what you go through, we've all been there. In fact, I was surprised (and very pleased) to find out that there are a lot of people out there like me  :rolleyes: . Don't be afraid of people. You can't control how they are, and they have to right to control how you are. Be strong!

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Thank you for your support. Im just stuck between a rock and a hard place and just want someone to rescue me. It sounds stupid and silly. But I only stay where I am cuz I have no where else to go. Im happy to be your friend.
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