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    New England (U.S.) Little Looking for Caregiver/Switch

    New England USA Little

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    #1 LittleBat


      Batty Little Kitten

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    Posted 12 May 2019 - 08:55 AM

    Age (Required): 21
    Little Age: Ranges from infant to middle
    Name: Zoe
    Role: little/kitten/sub
    Location: New England (U.S.)
    Sexual Orientation: bi/pan
    Looking for: Caregiver/dom(me)/switch
    Relationship preference (Polyamory , Monogamous , or other): strictly monogamous
    Number of partners I have: 0


    Hello there,

    My name is Zoe and I’m too complicated to put into words but I’ll certainly try!



    A few super IMPORTANT things before you consider messaging me:

    • I have Borderline Personality Disorder. If you do not know what that is, I highly suggest you do some research before considering talking to me. While I am in therapy and working to improve myself, I still have a long road ahead of me.
    • I feel incredibly uncomfortable around alcohol and drugs, including pot and tobacco.
    • I feel incredibly uncomfortable around guns and I consider myself to be a pacifist
    • I am politically progressive and I consider myself fairly active in politics so I would prefer my partner to share similar views
    • I am not able to relocate so you would either need to be local or willing to relocate when the time is right because I cannot handle long distance
    • I have no interest in birthing children. If I do have kids, they will be adopted.

    Basic information about me:

    • I’m 5’5” and 156lbs
    • I have piercings and I’m hoping to get tattoos soon
    • I love the outdoors – hiking, camping, etc.
    • Music is my life and I listen to pretty much every genre
    • I spend most of my time watching tv shows, anime, and movies
    • I watch other people play video games because I can’t afford to buy my own
    • I enjoy reading but I struggle with it sometimes because of problems focusing
    • I’m an amateur photographer and I’d like to make it a side business one day
    • If I had the resources, I'd love to make my own cheese

    About my little side:

    • My favorite toys to play with are blocks or other building things
    • Depending on my mood, I range from infant age to more of a middle
    • Watching cartoons that I watched as a kid is an easy way to put me in little space
    • I sometimes struggle to immerse myself into the headspace
    • My little side and kitten side merge a lot
    • I am a huge brat sometimes :lol:
    • Bubble baths, bedtime stories, and other intimate activities like that are my favorite
    • I don’t quite consider myself a switch because my domme side is very small compared to my little side


    My kinks/fetishes:

    ***I am aware that not everyone shares these kinks and I am not expecting you to be into all the same things as I am, just as I would hope you would not expect the same thing from me. Though the bolded ones are the more important ones to me and I would hopefully like to find someone who I can share that with. I am a highly sexual person sometimes***

    • Occasional sexual ageplay
    • Watersports/omorashi
    • Very minimal scat
    • Diapers and bathroom control
    • Bondage
    • Impact play
    • Petplay
    • Sensory deprivation
    • Orgasm denial
    • Ice play
    • Humiliation/degradation
    • Voyeurism

    == Results from bdsmtest.org ==

    100% Brat

    100% Rope bunny

    100% Boy/Girl

    99% Ageplayer

    99% Degradee

    97% Primal (Prey)

    96% Submissive

    93% Masochist

    92% Voyeur

    91% Slave

    82% Pet

    59% Switch

    53% Vanilla

    51% Experimentalist

    43% Daddy/Mommy

    37% Exhibitionist

    22% Rigger

    13% Sadist

    4% Primal (Hunter)

    2% Dominant

    1% Brat tamer

    0% Degrader

    0% Owner

    0% Master/Mistress

    0% Non-monogamist

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    #2 HilloDaddy



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    Posted 12 May 2019 - 04:42 PM

    Hi! How are you doing today?
    I'm 23 yo. My role is DD. I got really interested in your post. I had previous experience with people with BPD and Anxiety and was good. I'm looking to share my time and life in a strictly monogamous relationship.

    About me:
    5' 8" - 196lbs
    Location: Vermont
    I'm a biologist working with wildlife conservation.
    I have piercings and one tattoo by now (looking to have more).
    I like anime, videogames, movies and TV shows.
    I love to spend time outdoors (swimming, camping, hiking, climbing).
    I play the drums and piano since 4th grade and listen to music relax me when I'm stressed.
    I like to cook oriental food and bake desserts.
    Me as a DD: I love to be a caregiver, cuddle, play videogames and toys, watching anime, movies or cartoons with my partner, cooking snacks and desserts, travel and be outdoors, talk and listen to my partner, be dominant, and also explore our sexuality.
    My kinks are: Bondage, impact play, petplay, humiliation/degradation, voyeurism. And also I'm really open to other fetishes.

    I would love to hear from you. I will be looking forward to talk and construct a confidence relation.

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    Posted 13 May 2019 - 03:45 AM

    Hey zoe!!!

    You sound really awesome! We like all the same things. Id like to get to know you a bit, maybe talk on kik?

    Mine is: dutchchef123

    About me:
    I am 23 years old
    I am a chef as a profession
    I am 6"3
    Dont know how your weird metric system works, but i am 80 kilo's;)
    I love to travel(but hey who doesnt?) And i am actually planning on doing a world trip next fall!

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